What Will It Be Like?

The nature of the free school will depend on the participants. We will be planning and designing the school collaboratively, starting with the plenary meeting on Monday June 6th at 4:30pm. Here is our initial vision of what the session will be like.

Summer In the Park

Major's Hill Park
Major’s Hill Park

The school will be held at Blink Gallery in Major’s Hill Park – a beautiful outdoor space near the Byward Market, the Ottawa River and the National Gallery of Canada. We will work on the grass and in the gallery. Expect lots of picnics in the sun, quiet reading, lively discussion and art-making in the gallery.

Student-Directed Learning and Community

The free school philosophy includes democratic, self-governing education in which the facilitators and students are equal. At free school each participant crafts their own curriculum. At the same time, each person respects and shares with the larger group.

We will work together to find interesting areas of study, create art projects (both individually and collectively), and share our experiences and knowledge so that we may learn from one another.

Making and Creating

Participants will have the opportunity to do research and make crafts and art projects through many mediums, including writing, drawing, painting and collage (among many others). We’ll also be working together to construct a library to showcase the fruits of our work. Participants will be invited to work together to create the physical space of the library with wood and recycled materials so that we can fill it with the records of our inquiries: a collection of objects, texts and art that document our personal and shared experiences and research.

In addition to the library and alongside our creative projects, we’ll create a space for working. This may include forts, tents, tables, benches, etc.

Friendship Library: Movie Night, 2014
Friendship Library: Movie Night, 2014

Outside of school hours, this space will also allow visitors to interact with the ideas of a free school, and learn from our projects. Summerhill on Major’s Hill will undoubtedly reveal the dynamic, emergent, and exciting nature of the learning process!

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